Trader Funding Program


Trader Funding Program

A program to financially support your trades.


Lack of adequate capital is one of the biggest challenges many traders have to deal with when trading in the financial markets. This proves to be a dangerous situation, as trading with insufficient funds can lead to costly consequences like improper account management; premature exits resulting to losses; and the possibility of engaging in revenge trading that can blow out a trader's account.

We understand the impact of lack of adequate capital when it comes to trading. That is why we have come up with the Trader Funding Program to give deserving traders access to capital they can use to start trading in the market and generating real profits.


Trader Funding


Our funds + your trading skills = profit sharing.

The gist of the Trader Funding Program is simple: prove to us that you can trade and generate profits and we will readily provide the funds you need to support your subsequent trading activities. In exchange for the funding, we will share in the profit you make, 50/50.

An easy way to get funded and start trading in the financial markets.


We provide an easy and educational way for you to be able to access our trading capital. This solution, however, requires that you undergo training with us to grow your trading skills and build your experience in trading a specific asset class. Get to know more about it below.

Get trained and mentored. Receive funding and start trading.

Our team will arrange your training and mentorship with one of our partner companies involved in trading. Once set, you will be given access to a mentor who has experience in any of the following: stock trading, commodity trading and Forex trading.

The training and mentorship will run for 3 months and will be facilitated entirely online. That means you only need to spend 10 hours a week to complete the program and do it at the comfort of your home. A range of trading-related tasks will be given to you to challenge your understanding of different concepts of the discipline as well as your ability to apply strategies in varied trading situations. You will also have opportunities to have one-on-one interactions with your mentor, where you can ask questions and receive guidance and advice about trading.

Upon successful completion of the training and mentorship, we will be assigning you a demo account, which you will need to trade for a minimum of 3 months. Our team of traders will be assessing your performance, so use this as a chance to showcase your ability. If our assessment proves that you are able to make winning trades, we will give you funding to use for trading a real account.

Trade risk-free from here on using the funding we provide. In return, we will share a portion of the profits you make. Be consistent with your trades and receive even more funding from us. It is that simple!

Benefits of getting funded for your trades.


Funds do not come so easy for traders, especially to those who are new in the market. Through our Trader Funding Program, we can give you access to a working capital that you can then use to support your trades. Here are some reasons why it is worth getting funded by us.

No financial strain

Getting funded by We Fund Traders is a great way to have access to a capital without accumulating debt. It protects you from the financial strain of using your personal money or borrowing from others.

Hedge risks

When it comes to trading, there are always challenges that are impossible to forecast. Taking advantage of our program helps hedge these risks, allowing you to focus on maximising your earning potential.

Opportunity to train

We applaud and support people who want to become better at trading. As such, we provide training opportunities as part of accessing our funding to ensure that you will develop the knowledge and skills to trade like a real pro.

Support throughout

We do not leave you to your own devices once you start trading with the fund we provide. Instead, we provide all the support you need to work with a range of positions and multiply the profits you make.

Learn how to trade in the financial markets effectively. Start a trading career and share in the profits!

Through our training, mentorship and funding, we have helped many people start their career as traders. You could be next!