Talent Nurturing Program


A premier program to start your proprietary trading career.


We offer a unique program for those who would like to put their trading skills to work. With it, you can work with us in-house and trade side-by-side with seasoned traders. Beyond that, we give you the opportunity to get funding and use it to trade. From this, you can earn real profits that you can further grow. Trade full-time or part-time and have access to professional tools and resources you cannot find elsewhere.


Talent Nurturing Program


Embrace a new way to make a career in trading.

If you are looking for a place where you can make the most of your trading skills--whether it is trading stocks, commodities or forex--and even grow them substantially, We Fund Traders is the place to be. Our Talent Nurturing Program is an ideal opportunity to get high quality training in trading while working alongside traders. It also opens up the chance for you to receive funding to trade with, so you do not have to take money out of your own pocket. To put it simply, training and trading with us in-house is the new way to begin your trading career, grow your trading experience and build your portfolio.

Freedom to trade with your own style and strategy.

Whether you have just started out or are already experienced in trading, you have probably developed a trading style and strategy that works for you. Whatever that may be, we give the traders who work in-house with us the freedom to execute trading positions using their preferred trading style and strategy.

We encourage diversity while also acknowledging the individual contributions and skills of the people we work with. We also support our fellow traders in further developing their trading skills and experience.

Multiply earnings without worrying about funding.

If you can consistently show quality performance by hitting targets, we will provide you with additional funds to trade. This should allow you to fully concentrate on working with a range of positions, growing your buying power, and multiplying your earnings.

Opportunities for further development of trading knowledge and skills.

Get on the same level as professional traders. While you work in-house with us, we offer you opportunities to develop your trading knowledge and skills. We have courses and resources that you can use to better understand market dynamics and learn strategies that will help minimise your exposure to risks.

We can also arrange training that you can take advantage of to enhance your trading performance. More importantly, experts are within your reach. Learning to trade by yourself can be confusing and challenging. With expert traders working with and guiding you along the way, you can narrow your focus, share trading strategies, and fine-tune your rhythm as a trader.